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Marquee Property Management began in the mid 1990’s with a handful of properties owned and held by a single family.  Since that time, investors from all around the world have come to put their faith and trust into Marquee Property Management to handle their property investments in the Michiana Area.  Many investors and tenants have held long term relationships with Marquee Property Management because of the ethics and standards that the company owners and management hold. Marquees goal for each investor is to maximize profits for the investor along with preserve and improve the value of the property investment entrusted to Marquee.  Marquee’s goal for each tenant is to provide safe, clean, well maintained, functional, and affordable housing for those they serve.  Marquee will also complete “distressed” owner investments to make them neat, clean, habitable, and income producing properties, all, “in house” AND at an affordable rate.


Tenants from all walks of life find rental properties via Marquee Property Management  We find that everyone's "tastes" are different and so are the properties that we lease.  So, if you find one property that doesn't fit your "taste", keep looking, because the next one we list may be the perfect home that you have been looking for!  We have several tenants that have leased from us for several years, and we hope that you will too!  Check out this website on a regular basis as we list properties once have been given a notice from a tenant that they are moving away from us, as well as when we aquire new rental properties.  Note the date on the site, as it may be "available" now, or may be "coming available" at a future time.


For those with NOT SUCH A PERFECT RENTAL/CREDIT HISTORY/BACKGROUND, all hope is not lost.  Marquee does believe in giving "second chances".   We understand that circumstances, or other things may have given a person a tarnished past.  Marquee's prospect to tenant process happens through the application process.  Those prospects that have less than perfect credit, spotty residence or employment histories MAY still apply and get approved with Marquee.  If you have had issues with aquiring a rental property, you may be asked to pay an extra deposit and/or the final month's rent before move in.  We strive to get our prospects approved and in to the home that they desire to live in as often as we possibly can.  Our application process is handles by a 3rd party application to assure "a level playing field" for all applicants.  Applications are processed based upon the applicant's entered information and compared to their credit, employment, and residential history.  Most applications are approved the same day, or sometimes w/in 48 hours, depending upon our 3rd parties ability to access all of the prospects information to give a "best decision".